I had been seen and treated for several years by physicians for a diagnosis of gastritis. My treatments started out at first using antiacids and acid reducing medications like Tagamet,  Prevacid, and Nexium for a few weeks for the occasional flare ups I would have once or twice a year. However, over time the frequency and duration of the flare ups increased to the point that I was eventually taking Nexium on a daily basis. Even though the Nexium did help, it came with unwanted side effects of headaches, nausea, and constipation. To make matters even worse, I was instructed to elimination foods and drinks that I loved in order to prevent irritation to my stomach.  Being a healthcare professional myself and working as a nurse for over 25 years in hospitals, I was hesitant and leery about taking herbal medicines and really did not believe they would work. Then Pamela Paris of Paris Holistic Health a longtime friend encouraged me to try one of her herbs for the treatment of my gastritis. Within one week of taking the herbal medicine, I was able to completely stop all medications. I was shocked and relieved to no longer need a medicine that was not really making me completely better. The herb also had no unwanted side effects.  It has been three years now that I have been medication free, eating and drinking my favorite foods again because of the tremendous knowledge of herbal medicine and the compassionate and supportive help I received from Pamela. She has truly made an immeasurable difference in the quality of my life and I would highly recommend her services as an Herbalist to anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their own life. 
~ Laurie Miele RN, BSN, IBCLC; Chesapeake Lactation Services, Chesapeakelactation.com


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I have had low iron for years and have been advised by my doctor to take iron supplements. The iron in both over-the-counter and prescription supplement made me so nauseous that I would not take them in spite of my doctor’s concern. A friend told me that Pamela might be able to help. I was a little skeptical when she gave me a jar with a funny-looking brown liquid, but I dutifully took my teaspoonful each day. During routine blood work a month later my iron levels were fine! Thanks, Pamela, for giving me a simple, natural remedy that never made me feel sick. I wish I had tried your method sooner. ~ Kathy F.


I am overjoyed at the results of your Reiki session to relieve my pain from a fall in the bathroom. I fell into the tub, striking the right side of my body - hitting my head, shoulder, elbow and hip against the tiled wall. I hit so hard that I thought I had broken the tiles. The rest of my body was sore from the rebounding action. When I called to ask for your help, the pain level was a 10.  After one session, my pain reduced to a 2 noting only mild soreness. On the next day after a second session, my pain was totally gone and I could bend my elbow again.  On day 3, I went to the gym and resumed my regular workout routine. Your healing energy is amazing.  Considering the fall, it could have caused me pain for well over a week. The Reiki work you provided healed my pain, and cuts and bruises, immediately. You are a gifted healer Pam and from now on, you are my first call. Thank you, thank you Pam!
~ Esther Michaels, Business Strategist, International Speaker, & Accountability Expert, Radio Talk Host Team Baltimore 1010AM WOLB - Another Perspective




Being a pediatrician, I have seen firsthand the problems with conventional medicine. For myself and my family, we have turned towards more holistic and natural ways of living. In my quest to find herbs for a few of my aliments, I found Pam. She is amazing: skillful, honest and kind. After our initial meeting, she identified a few key lifestyle changes and recommended a few herbs. She was right! Within one week, I felt much improved. She went out of her way to provide me with further learning material and herbs. I know she can help anyone ready to get healthier and happier. Thank you Pam! 
~ JH, MD

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health. ~ Hippocrates, Greek physician (460 BC - 377 BC)

I felt God's love radiating from her hands, heart and spirit. She spent an inordinate amount of time with my Sciatica and affected hip. She was giving me a massage and It was a spiritual experience as I felt pain lift up out of some areas, because many were affected. This may sound weird to some but I felt my chest "open up" in a linear way from chin to belly, allowing me to breathe in a different way. I felt warm emotions just joyfully spill out in tears of relief. I pray that many can find true relaxation and healing with her gifts. I'm a believer! She asked me to text her how I was feeling but felt it was important to share with her potential clients about my experience. I was hesitant as a Christian and we spoke before I got on the table, to explain her God given gifts. During the massage, she kept hearing the word "Love, Love, Love....." and that was a first. I felt it. Thank you, Pamela Paris for an extraordinary experience!! I highly recommend you, sweet lady... Heart, Soul and Hands. 💜 🍃 🧡

~ Jennie Hall-Frantz