Times to Consider Having Reiki Sessions:

  • Stress and Anxiety Overload
  • Prenatal and Postnatal
  • Preoperative and Postoperative

Our Services

Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

~ Hippocrates, Greek physician (460 BC - 377 BC)

Herbal Consults

Herbal medicine is the use of plant materials to sustain or improve health. Herbal consults include a thorough review of the client’s health history and discussions on health concerns and wellness goals. Based on these discussions, a wellness plan is developed that includes individualized herbal formulations along with dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Herbal formulations may be in the form of teas, powders, tinctures (alcohol based extracts) or capsules.  

​Reiki can be done long-distance

Purchase a 1 hour session for $80

Dynamic Body Balancing     

Sessions (1 hour) $80​​

Massage 60 minutes  $80

Massage 90 minutes  $120


Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a healing art utilizing Universal Life Energy through the laying on of hands to rebalance an individual and to facilitate healing. It brings the body into harmony by relieving physical and emotional blockages. In-person Reiki consults begin with a short discussion on current health concerns. Hands will be held in specific positions along the body. The session will end with a short discussion on the client’s experience and how the client is feeling.​​​ Reiki can also be done long-distance with the recipient being anywhere in the United States. These sessions begin and end with a phone call. During the session, clients rest quietly on a bed or couch. 


Massage is a great way to release stress and tension from the body. Consider adding regular massages to your wellness regimen. We now offer a variety of massage modalities including:

  • Integrative massage (massage, Reiki, and craniosacral therapy)  
  • Swedish massage
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Prenatal/Postnatal massage 
  • Reflexology 
  • Aroma Touch

Nutrition Consults

We are what we eat and assimilate. 
Nutrition consults include a review of the client’s nutritional history and discussions of the nutrition status and nutrition goals. Assessment tools are used to facilitate the nutrition status discussion. The focus will be on improving overall health through permanent lifestyle changes. The key is to set goals associated with overall health and wellness. An individual's weight will naturally balance out as new practices are put into place.


Initial Consult (2 hours) $160

Follow-up Consults (1 hour) $80

Cost of herbs and supplements not included

Initial Consult (2 hours) $160

Follow-up Consults (1 hour) $80

Reiki Sessions (1 hour) $80

Dynamic Body Balancing

Dynamic Body Balancing is a combination of craniosacral therapy and myofascial unwinding. This technique helps the body rebalance itself structurally and energetically. Craniosacral 
therapy involves a slight pressure on the sutures or connections between the cranial (head) bones. Balancing the cranial bones also balances the sacral area of the spine. When balance is restored to the head and tail, then balance is restored to the nervous system and surrounding structures that support it. Myofascial unwinding releases restrictions in the fascia and the muscle memory associated with past traumas. Restrictions hinder the optimum flow of blood, nerve impulses and energy. Balancing the fascia is essential for balancing the physical body since long-term restrictions can result in a thickening of the fascia and diminishment of the healthy function of that area of the body.
Consider Dynamic Body Balancing for headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues, neck and back pain, shoulder and hip issues, and overall stress reduction.

  • Grief Support
  • End-of-Life

Past Life Regression Session (1 hour) $80

Past Life Regression

Step back in time to see how your past lives may be influencing your current life. Potential gifts from a past life regression session include:

  • Learn about your life and soul purpose
  • Understand the significance of important relationships
  • Understand and heal past karma
  • Understand how past death experiences may be the source of phobias 
  • Receive guidance from your higher-self, spirit guides, or council

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